Essentials By Edwina is a vegan, cruelty free, make up collection for the everyday woman. Edwina Kulego launched her first collection in partnership with Celfie Cosmetics in 2017 called “ Essentials By Edwina.” The 3 color collection features the shades LaLa, Shiraz and Nogah.

Edwina Kulego launched her second beauty collection in fall 2018. The Legacy Collection is a 6 color, vegan crème lipstick collection inspired by the success of the bestselling color “Nogah” from her first collection.

The colors: Liberia, Egypt, Ghana, Angola, Congo and Yaounde are all inspired by and represent a destination in Africa. Varying from a deep, pigmented chocolate hue to a blissful beige, the colors of The Legacy Collection are perfect for a bare face look as well as a glam night out.