Happy New Year! Lessons from 2016 and Goals for 2017

During my childhood, New Years eve was one of the most special and important days of the year. My family would gather around my mothers bed, share our goals and pray into the new year. I always felt that New Years eve was magical and powerful and I still do.

This holiday season I decided to share my lessons learned in 2016 in order to reflect and acknowledge. See below

  • Trust the timing of your life: focus on where you are and don’t let labels, titles and expectations of society stress you & knock you off your path.
  • Move past your fears: We all have fears and that is inevitable but it’s important to acknowledge and push through. Miracles do truly happen when you power through your fears and overcome.
  • It’s ok to Rest! Hustling and being busy is a given but acknowledging when you are in need of rest is imperative. There is nothing wrong with taking some time to reflect and rejuvenate – don’t allow your busy self to make you feel bad about it
  • Not everyone will support or like the things that you do. That is not your concern. Focus on your goals and try not to let the opinions of others change your decision making
  • Fight for what you love! Go hard for the things / people that truly matter.


Overall, in 2016 I learned the importance of taking a few steps back to move forward. I put myself first for once and it was uncomfortable but so necessary. I’m beyond thankful for the lessons and experiences.

In 2017 I am looking forward to continuing to build my brand and more importantly sharing my story. Over the past couple of months I’ve been exposed to so much knowledge and growth through sharing and collaborating. I have some exciting new projects in the pipeline that I cannot wait to share with you all. Thank you for all of your support and be blessed.



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  1. 1)focus on thy God and thyself.
    2)love thyself
    3)love thy neighbours
    4)Always pray,meditate, and study
    5)always stay with the fruit of the spirit. (Gal-5:22-23).

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