Speaking at the Fashion Design to Thrive Workshop

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Speaking at the Fashion Design to Thrive Workshop 
Speaking at the FDT panel was a special experience for me. Besides it being my first professional panel, it gave me an opportunity to connect with students again. The workshop reminded me of the days when I was a senior in college trying to figure out what life outside of the classroom would look like. The combination of excitement and nervousness was felt in the room but the workshop leaders Yetunde Shorters & Alexandria Alli were there to guide them through the steps.
We all shared our expertise on what starting a fashion brand really entails and the PR strategies that are necessary in order to succeed. Even though I’m well versed in these topics I was still able to soak in some new information that I believe will help me.
You are never too old or accomplished to be a student. Before heading to the workshop, I had a brief call with my mom and the only piece of advice she gave me was to LISTEN and that’s exactly what I did. In my head, I made it about the students and not myself and that really helped calm my nerves. Another takeaway is that I need to take public speaking classes in order to master the skill of speaking to a crowd. I am happy to take any recommendations for classes in NYC 🙂
For more information about the FDT Workshop – click on the link below and stay tuned for the next workshop:
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