Hosting BB Knows Best with Bisila Bokoko:

Producing my first event with Bisila Bokoko: BB Knows Best 
Our ultimate goal with BB Knows Best was to have at least one guest leaving feeling inspired to do and be better. I think we exceeded our expectations. I am extremely thankful for all of the attendees who supported and the sponsors who partnered with us. One important thing that I’ve learned about producing events is to ASK FOR HELP – I couldn’t have executed it without the support of my team and friends who offered their help. Sometimes we convince ourselves that people are too busy or that we are being annoying but most of the time it’s all in our heads. The worst thing someone can say is “No” and if that’s the case you thank them and move forward. Another major takeaway is trusting TIMING: sometimes you just have to let things go in order to focus your energy on other things. For example: we had some challenges locking in a photographer and I decided to let it go for the sake of time. 2 days before the event we found the perfect match. Things don’t always happen this way but learning to let things go and revisiting is key in focusing on the long term plan.
Special Thanks to our Sponsors:
Le Cord
Dipped in Diamonds
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